Tuesday, 20 January 2015


The spot these children are standing on no longer exists - at least
not in the form you see in the photographs.  Approximately 21 years after
the pictures were taken, the foundations for an old folks' home were laid
directly into the area of field where these kids once played.  I'm actually in
the photos and remember with startling clarity the Sunday afternoon or
early summer evening they were taken back around 1967 or so.

As you can see, we were playing cricket.  Only a short while before,
I had narrowly managed to dodge a heavy cricket ball and thus avoid
a nasty knock on the noggin which could well have rendered me
senseless.  (Go on - I'll allow you the predictable retort.)

From left to right in the
photo above are myself,
Robert Fortune, Tony
Tierney, Allan Robson
and Kenny Tierney.
The photos were taken
by Tom Tierney, who
later became a regular
contributor to the letter
columns of the local news-
paper, under the nom
de plume of 'Goofy'.
If he were alive today,
he'd no doubt have a blog
in which to record his
whimsical (and sometimes
serious) observations on
sundry subjects, but sadly
he's been deceased for
quite a few years now.

When we first moved to the area in 1965, it was Tony Tierney who
introduced me and my brother to the rest of the kids in the neighbourhood.
I haven't seen Tony in quite a few years, but I still run into Kenny today from
time to time, and it was his good self who supplied me with the photos you see
on this page.  As I said, the field no longer exists - except in photos, memories
and dreams - dreams which increasingly seem far more enticing than the
rather drab reality of the here and now. 

Photographs are marvelous things, aren't they?  Looking at a photo is like
gazing through a window into yesteryear, at a moment frozen in time which
grows all the more precious to us the further we become removed from it.


UPDATE:  (January 2015.) The field remained undisturbed until 1988,
a period of 23 years from when we first moved  there in '65 (we flitted in
'72).  I therefore find it rather startling to think that the old folks' home has
now occupied the spot for 26-odd years - three years longer than the time
which preceded it.  And yet it seems to me as if the three-storey building
was erected only a few years ago.  The mysteries of Time, eh?  I don't
think I'll ever be able to fully comprehend them.

 Long has paled that sunny sky;
Echoes fade and memories die;
Autumn frosts have slain July.

Ever drifting down the stream--
Lingering in the golden gleam--
Life, what is it but a dream?

From "Life is but a Dream" - by Lewis Carroll.


After posting this, I was going through some old papers and
found this letter from my local rag, dated Wednesday 24th April -
Thursday 30th April, 1996.

Goofy will be  missed

I was saddened to read and hear
of the death of Mr Tom Tierney, a
great story teller in your column
and other publications in his life.

He brought many a smile, with
his wit and local stories bringing
back many a cheery laugh.

My thoughts to his family.

Ann Robertson
Address supplied 

This post is therefore dedicated to the memory of Mr. Tom
Tierney, aka 'Goofy'.  Thanks to him, the above snapshots of
a moment from my childhood are preserved forever.


  1. My youngest recently asked me, "Dad, don't you ever fancy trying to track down any of your old schoolmates from the Midlands on Facebook?" I said,"In a way I would, but I would never attempt to, in case I found out some of th are no longer with us."
    And that's how it is. All my old chums are still alive in my mind, they haven't changed one bit and that's just how I'm going to keep them all!
    Seek and ye might not like what ye find!

  2. I sometimes find myself wondering what's happened to 'so-and-so' - then I realise I'm probably better not knowing, just in case they're dead. Like you, I prefer to think of them still out there, alive and well.

  3. Kid, it'll be spooky if you end up living in that old folks home right on top of where you once played. Did you know you aren't the only one with a blog called Melancholy Musings - I wanted to bookmark MM on my tablet so tried to do a google search but couldn't find it, only another MM. In the end I just went to Crivens and accessed MM from your blog list and then bookmarked it. There's no point trying to bookmark MM on my phone as it's blocked due to supposed adult content which I've mentioned.

    1. Could it be the other MM (which I didn't know about) that's got the adult content, CJ, or do you get that message when you try to access the site from Crivens! on your 'phone?

  4. Kid, the other MM blog was a woman's and it seemed innocent enough but I haven' t tried accessing your MM via crivens on my phone so I'll try that. What's happened with the time on the comments - mine says 14:49 and your reply says 15:04 which was nine hours ago.

  5. Hold on, I don't think I'm able to access a blog via a blog list on a phone - the blogs are surprisingly simple when you look at them on a phone, just the post and the comments underneath but I'll check anyway.

    1. I never really pay attention to the time of the comments, CJ. As long as they're there is what counts with me. As you'll have noticed, I've now modified the Blog's title to avoid confusion with the other one.

  6. Kid, everything's solved - I can now get MM (or MMMM) on my phone and I've bookmarked it. I think you were right that it was the other MM that was the cause of the adult content blocking - it looked innocent enough with a picture of a rose but when I read one of the posts it was downright pornographic !!! Anyway even that MM is no longer blocked. On a phone you have two options for looking at a blog : 1) the mobile version which is the post and comments but nothing else or 2) you can scroll down to the bottom and press "see web version" to.....er...see the web version but I never normally do that as it looks tiny on a phone screen but on this occasion I found the blog list and accessed MM (that's when I noticed the new name) and bookmarked it so everything's right with the world again :)

    1. Now you need never be without all the p*sh I write ever again.

  7. Lovely story, Kid and such a shame that your friend Tom was taken early. A couple of years previous and that could have been me playing cricket in the summer holidays. There used to be a long thin field behind our house which was ideal for cricket. I wasn't very good at batting, but I had the knack at bowling. Ah, the satisfaction of knocking those stumps off!

    1. JP, I inadvertently published this post twice and you were kind enough to comment both times. I've removed the second posting and cut and pasted your comment and moved it here. Below is my reply, which I likewise cut, pasted & moved.

      Tom was the father of Kenny & Tony who we sometimes played with as kids. Although he'd have known my name, I doubt he'd have recognised the adult me, JP, as we moved from the area 24 years before he passed away. Still, it's strange to think that he no longer inhabits the neighbourhood (at least, not physically) as he was such a 'fixture' there. That one occasion is the only time I can specifically recall playing cricket, but I have a vague sense that there must've been other times with different people.


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